Hormone Balancing does not need to be complicated.

We are here at every step of the way.

At Glandline, nature is our inspiration and guide. We create products that harness the power of natural extracts and patented ingredients, without introducing artificial hormones that can disrupt our delicate balance. Our products are crafted with care and rigor, following the highest quality standards and ethical principles.

Expertise is in foundation and is our strength. We collaborate with experts in healthcare professionals, who share their knowledge and insights with us. Our products are backed by scientific research and clinical trials, ensuring the best results for our customers.

Innovation is our spirit and the source of our drive. We have a finger on the pulse of the latest research science and we are always looking for new ways to solve problems and create value to our customers’ lives.

We know that wellness is not just a single dimension, but a complex and dynamic state that involves physical, mental and emotional aspects. We also know that hormonal imbalance can affect all these aspects, causing wide ranging symptoms from mood swings to insomnia.

That’s why our products are not just ordinary supplements. They are designed to target the root cause of hormonal imbalance and restore your natural harmony. By using our products, you can improve your quality of life and enjoy the benefits of wellness in every aspect. You can feel more energized, balanced, confident and happy. You can live your best life.

This is Glandline from Sensilab. The natural and hormone-free solution for your wellness.

Glandline Scientific Advisory Board

Thanks to the support and expertise of nutritionists, pharmacy doctors, naturopaths, and biologists, we have perfected our formulations to holistically support hormonal balance and health in all life stages.


From then till now

Glandline's story began with a simple mission: to provide best high-quality hormonal supplements. Over the years, we've listened to your needs and evolved. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, educational resources, and a supportive community – all designed to empower you on your hormonal health journey.

Holistic Harmony

Our products go beyond conventional supplements. They are tailored to address a range of issues, from hormonal balance to mental well-being, improving the quality of life for our valued customers.

Natural and Hormone-Free

We believe in harnessing the power of nature without introducing artificial hormones. Our products are crafted from natural extracts and patented ingredients, adhering to rigorous quality standards.

Expert-Driven Development

Sensilab products are a result to collaborative efforts with experts in health, nutrition and medicine, ensuring the highest efficacy and safety.

Data-Backed Innovation

We embrace constant evolution through data analysis. By analyzing customer feedback and market trends, we refine our products and marketing strategies to cater precisely to our customers’ needs.